Lungi Morrison

Associate Director

Lungi Morrison

Lungi Morrison lives in Cape Town and is currently developing a number of projects for Showcase, expanding our ties to Sub-Saharan Africa with work that complements our existing initiatives in North Africa and the Middle East.

Lungi’s pro bono work includes serving as a strategic advisor for the UK Tutudesk Campaign (, an initiative that provides portable school desks (Tutudesks) to children in Sub-Saharan Africa, where over 95 million schoolchildren do not have access to classroom desks.

Lungi is a member of CEPS (, the Paris-based strategic research institute that partners global private (300 blue chip business leaders) and public (government leaders and statesmen) sector organizations including UNESCO and London School of Economics, to identify pragmatic responses to some of the key issues policy-makers grapple with in the fields of education, social cohesion and peace, health, economy and social enterprise.

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