Arts & culture have the power to connect and inspire people.


We harness this for brands and their audiences, building connections between art and business that create successful partnerships, campaigns and events.



Cultural consumers are aspirational, connected and influential.

While arts and sports have similar sized audiences, the arts audience is more gender-balanced and culturally involved, providing business and brands a rich platform to engage with consumers, high net worth individuals and opinion formers.


Showcase is one of the few companies specialising in this sector.

Showcase is a specialist consultancy that connects business to the arts, education and the community. We find and manage mutually beneficial partnerships to create long-term high value relationships. This is a specialisation we have developed over many years of evaluating the needs of businesses and the complexities of working with the cultural sector.




Showcase works with . . .


International Corporate Clients

We help businesses to find the right education and cultural projects to partner or develop their own bespoke programme. These cultural partnerships can connect with many audiences; governments, opinion formers, business leaders, high-net-worth individuals, stakeholders, consumers and the community.


Cultural Institutions

We maximize income by building an evidence-based case for support, unlocking hidden value to attract corporate sponsors to increase funding and diversify revenue streams.



Showcase works with public private partnerships to help them understand the value of their cultural assets. The U.K. is recognised internationally as a world leader in the development of the arts and cultural sectors. We utilise this experience to support our clients in developing strategies to enhance a country’s cultural heritage and programmes to support artists and the creative industries to compete more effectively in international markets.



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